Here Are Some Tunes...

Leavin" Home
From the CD described below. Where else are you going to get two mandos on one tune? Especially with Fegy playing one of them...

MC: Mandola & vocal
Dick Fegy: Mandolin
Sheldon Gomberg: Bass
Andy Kamman: Drums


The Beautiful Waitress
Recorded this a few years back, when I was starting to figure out how to do this home recording stuff... this is BEFORE getting immensely helpful fiddle tips from Craig Eastman, guru of all things bowed. Written by Terry Allen, whom I admire greatly (please see links page)

MC: Vocals, guitars, percussion, bass, piano, fiddle


No, It Isn't
From "Chump Change", straight from the end credits to you... slide buffs: this is my most recent adventure in "G" tuning... "I am not worthy" to Santo & Johnny.

MC: Bottleneck guitar, acoustic guitar, accordion, banjomando, organ, "strings".
Sheldon Gomberg: Bass
Rob Brill: Drums


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Commercial Plug!

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Chock-full of zany tunes and flashy picking, all spontaneously plucked from the Boulevard stage. Features Sheldon "Algazzam" Gomberg, Andy Kamman and the late, great and sorely missed Dick Fegy...

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