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Orchestral with ominous percussion and stutter FX. Builds to choral crescendo
Trans Siberian
Drony synth pop into percussive synth rock... then come the trains...
War Stories Loopy MiddleEastern percussive with war SFX; Stones soundalike w/vox.





El SuperBeasto
Thrash-guitar rock, with a keyboard riff or two.
Muppets Christmas
What can I say? Muppety. Orchestral and pop.
Had It All
Loopy claps, classic rock guitars, ending in 6/8 loopy riff.
Women vs. Men
Mambo! Plus general exotica madness.
Trance and blues interludes.



Another Pretty Face Light and 'Hallmark Channel-y' newsroom vibe.
Blue Seduction
Folk-Rock open, transitioning into 70s rock/SuperBad TV action!
Boleyn Girl
Fifteen seconds of synth rock.
Holiday Heart
Bouzouki, mandola and electric slide guitar--world beat folk-rock.
Classic rock interspersed with clubby synth track.
Lost Junction
Various roots rock-based themes .
The Road Home
Polyrhythmic world music with Asian accents.


Book Of Days
Ominous Sci-Fi
Spooky, ominous, orchestral and rock.
SciFi Newsreel
Orchestral spooky, à la 50s UFO flicks.






Individual Cues

Agents and Managers
Sleazy Organ Trio
Alien Attack
Action with electric guitars in 5/4 time!
Alien Southwestern Ambience
Blech Gavotte
Even J.S. Bach's not safe around here... piano solo.
Beach Party
Ska slide with horns and big finish.
Cat Ringtone
Pumpkin's Last Stand
Chump Change
Exotica with accordion and musical saw
Clippity Clop
Cowboy Shuffle w/backing vox .
About as country as it gets...
Country Church
Well... this is pretty country, too.
Crunch Pop

Crunchy guitar rock
Darkest Fathoms
Nautical fanfare transitions into Calypso outtro.

Desert Domes
Cooder-esque bottleneck and pad.
Fiddle & Mando Swing
Light, fun and Continental.
French Cafe
Accordion, mandolin; trés continentale.
In a mood? Need one?
Hitchhiker's Guide
Let's just call this "Elf-in..."
Johnny C Demo
Various sounds from Cash country
Orange Clowns
Crazy circcus-themed hallucinations. Accordion, piano, Mellotron, crash cymbals... the works.
Renaissance-ish? Chamber musicky. I'm not sure how to categorize this; check it out...
New Orleans
Second Line with acoustic bottleneck and band.
No, It Isn't.
An homage to Santo and Johnny: Swing arrangement with slide guitar and accordion.


Party Tune
That's about the size of it...
Dobro, electric guitar; slow and fast. Originally for bull riding show.
Simon Sez
Funky electric slide, organ and timbales.

StillLife 1

First of two of my favorite demos never heard by the outside world. Equal parts Hawaiian, African and pop-rock; Cooder/Lindley-esque.

StillLife 2
This would be the second of the two. Laid-back; ukelele intro, high voice.
Studio Gates
Newsy, HoWood fanfare with horns and electric guitar.
Swamp Thing
Moody acoustic guitar with electric piano, drums and strings. Swampy.
It's a '60s party by the pool! Electric guitar and drums...



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